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Custom Universal Hinged Expansion Joint Completed in less than 12 weeks for a Refinery in Texas


Type: Universal Hinged Expansion Joint
Size: 86″ Height, 234″ Long, & 42″ OD
Material: Inconel 625/Chrome-Moly/Carbon Steel
Design 1025°F at 45 psig, 3/4″ of Axial, & 12.5″ of lateral
Testing: 100% Radiographic Examined, Pneumatic Tested at 61 psi, Leak Tested at 51 psig, & Dye-Penetrant

U.S. Bellows custom fabricated this universal hinged expansion joint with oversized bellows, movement indicators, and test ports, in less than 12 weeks for a refinery turnaround in Texas. The unit is 86″ in height, 234″ long, and has a 42″ OD. The bellows were fabricated from Inconel 625, the piping from chrome-moly, the hinge hardware from carbon steel, and the covers from 304 stainless steel. It is designed for an operating temperature of 1025°F at 45 psig, with 3/4″ of axial compression and 12.5″ of lateral deflection. The unit was post-weld heat treatment and 100% radiographic examined the circumferential and long seams after the post-weld heat treatment, plus pneumatically tested at 61 psi, the bellows were leak tested to 15 psig between the plies, and dye-penetrant tested prior to shipment.