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12″ and 24″ Single Tied Expansion Joints

December 26, 2007

12" and 24" Single Tied Expansion Joints
12" and 24" Single Tied Expansion Joints

U.S. Bellows, Inc. designed and fabricated single tied expansion joints for a pipeline in Alaska. The 12″ diameter expansion joints had an overall length of 12″ and the 24″ diameter expansion joint had an overall length of 14-1/2″.

The expansion joint assemblies are fabricated entirely from stainless steel. The design pressure of the expansion joints was 50 PSIG. They are designed with tie rods that do not permit axial movement, but allow for lateral movement up to 1/2″. The expansion joints will be used on a process line that contains exhaust gas and hydrocarbon vapor at a low concentration. It will connect an oil tank with a vapor control system. The expansion joints were 100% dye-penetrant tested and hydro-tested to ensure quality control.

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Responded to Local Emergency by Refurbishing 36″ Rectangular Metal Expansion Joint

December 5, 2007
U.S. Bellows, Inc. Responded to a Local Emergency by Refurbishing a 36" Rectangular Metal Expansion Joint

U.S. Bellows, Inc. refurbished a rectangular metal expansion joint on an emergency basis for a local chemical plant. Upon arrival, the expansion joint was acid washed and dye-penetrant examined for any cracks in the metal. The expansion joint bellows were then repaired, retested and sent back to the customer in a matter of two days. The expansion joint measures 21″ x 26″ x 36-3/8″. The bellows are fabricated from Inconel® 625 LCF material. The rest of the assembly is fabricated from Inconel® 600 material. The design temperature is 660°F and the design pressure is 20 PSIG. The expansion joint was soap-air bubble tested and dye-penetrant examined before being returned.

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