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66″ Custom Designed Hinged Expansion Joint for a Chemical Plant in Saudi Arabia

August 19, 2019

Usbellows hinged expansion joint 150651

Type: Hinged Expansion Joints
Size: 66″ Diameter | 39 3/8″ OAL
Material: Incoloy 825 | 321 Stainless Steel
Design 986°F Operating Temp. @ 73 psig | 4.25° Angular
Testing: 100% Dye-Penetrant | X-Ray | Hydro-tested

This single hinged expansion joint was custom designed for a chemical plant in Saudi Arabia. The bellows were fabricated from Incoloy 825 and the cover, weld-ends, hinges, and liner from 321 stainless steel. The unit is 66″ in diameter and 39 3/8″ OAL. It is designed for an operating temperature of 986°F at 73 psig and 4.25° of angular rotation. The expansion joint was 100% dye-penetrant tested, the bellows and pipe longitudinal seam were x-ray tested and hydro-tested prior to shipment.

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