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U.S. Bellows Field Services is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including weekends and holidays. With a large inventory of stock components for expansion joints, a shop that can run around the clock, and diversified manufacturing operations, U.S. Bellows can quickly assemble and ship a wide range of products to minimize shutdown times.

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Emergency Call – Past Experience

An Alaskan petroleum firm called upon the U.S. Bellows Field Service Team on a Friday evening to aid them in an immediate replacement of a defective 48″ diameter pipe expansion joint. The pipe expansion joint was damaged during the plant startup when a G417 pump suddenly failed. A replacement pipe expansion joint was designed, manufactured, and shipped the next day. It was installed at the customer’s location within two days of receiving the call.

Friday, 5:30 pm: U.S. Bellows received an emergency call regarding a deformed 48″ pipe expansion joint

Saturday: The replacement pipe expansion joint is manufactured and ready for shipment.

Sunday: The new pipe expansion joint is installed on-site.