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Gimbal Pipe Expansion Joint

The gimbal pipe expansion joint is basically the same as the hinge type, except that instead of being limited to deflection in only one plane, it can accept bending or angulation in any plane. It contains two sets of hinge pins or pivots, the axis of each set perpendicular to the other. Each set of pins is connected to each other with a central gimbal ring, in much the same way that a universal joint on an automobile works. This unit provides the same type of restraint and resistance to axial forces, such as the pressure thrust, and to shear forces as the hinge type.


  • Absorbs angular rotation
  • Eliminates pressure thrust forces
  • Transmits shear and wind loads
  • Supports dead weight
  • Prevents torsion on bellows
  • No main anchors required
  • Minimum guiding required
  • Low forces on piping system

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