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Fabric Expansion Joints Custom Designed for an Offshore Oil Extraction and Natural Gas Project

October 20, 2012

These fabric expansion joints were custom designed for offshore oil extraction and natural gas project. They are 105″ dia. x 24″ O.A.L. 309 stainless steel was used for the duct, 310 for the liners, 316 for the covers, 321 for the studs, 309 for the flanges. The fabric belt was a three-layer belt with an inner layer of glass cloth, a layer of Kaowool, and an outside layer of reinforced PTFE. The expansion joints were designed for 1 psig at a temperature of 1100°F. They are designed for 4″ axial compression, a 1″ extension, and a 0.5″ lateral offset. All welds were 100% dye-penetrant examined prior to shipment.