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U.S. Bellows, Inc. Custom Designed a Refractory-Lined Expansion Joint for a Regenerator Application in Uruguay

Us bellows refractory lined expansion joints 150958

Type: Refractory-Lined Expansion Joint
Size: 43″ Tall x 39-1/2″ Dia.
Material: Carbon Steel | INCOLOY® 825 | 3.75″ Thick Refractory
Design Operating Temp: 653°F at 46 PSIG | 0.25″ Axial Compression
Testing: Hydro-tested | Q.C. Inspection

This refractory-lined expansion joint was custom designed for a regenerator application in Uruguay. The unit is 43″ tall, 39-1/2″ in diameter, fabricated from carbon steel and the bellows are INCOLOY® 825. It is lined with 3.75″ thick insulating and abrasion-resistant refractory. It is designed for an operating temperature of 653°F at 46 PSIG and 0.25” axial compression. The expansion joint was hydro-tested at 68 psig prior to shipment.