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Externally Pressurized X-Flex Expansion Joints for a Overseas Facility

September 14, 2021

Externally Pressurized X-Flex Expansion Joints for a Overseas Facility

“Decarbonation” and “Carbon Neutral” are two key terms used to describe efforts to lower the amount of greenhouse gasses emitted into the atmosphere. Efforts are now underway to gradually convert existing Coal-Fired, HRSG (Heat Recovery Steam Generated or Natural Gas Powered) and other power plants utilizing fossil fuels onto plants that emit far fewer greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere. U.S. Bellows, Inc. received unique specifications to design and manufacture externally pressurized expansion joints for a facility overseas. The bellows are fabricated from 316 stainless steel and all other components are carbon steel. They are designed for a temperature of 200°F at 150 psig with 8″ axial compression. The units are 4″ NOP x 63″ L, 6″ NPS x 61.44″ L, and 12″ NPS x 64″ L.

3d drawing externally pressurized ej 171063Externally pressurized pipe expansion joints, also known as X-Flex expansion joints, are suited for piping systems that require large amounts of axial compression or extension. In externally pressurized pipe expansion joints, the bellows elements are arranged so that the media flow is on the external surface of the bellows. Externally pressurizing the bellows eliminates pressure instability as a limitation to the design and permits the absorption of large amounts of axial expansion. Our QC department conducted various NDT examinations (X-Rays, PMI, Penetrant Tests, and Hydro Tests). Also provided were “weld maps” and MTR’s for client review and inspection. At U.S. Bellows, we are constantly developing and assisting client engineers in this effort toward decarbonation by designing innovative products to accommodate new and unusual design specifications.