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42″ Dia. Hinged Universal Expansion Joint Designed with Pantographic Linkage

August 4, 2014



This 42″ dia. hinged universal expansion joint was designed with pantographic linkage flue gas application in a Columbian refinery. The redundant two-ply testable bellows are fabricated from Inconel 625 LCF and the remainder of the assembly was fabricated with refractory lined carbon steel. It is designed for an axial movement of 1.1″ at 1,000°F and 50 psig. All welds were 100% dye penetrant examined, the bellows longitudinal seam and pipe seams were 100% X-ray examined. The complete assembly was pneumatically tested to 50 psig due to the internal insulation. All the pressure bearing components such as the hinge plates, pantrographic linkage, gimbal ring and hinge support rings were designed and engineered per latest EJMA, ASME B31.3 codes