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Expansion joints for beginners Expansion Joints for Beginners – 2nd Edition This webinar was created to explain the basics of expansion joints. The presentation introduces you to the different types of expansion joints, the types of movements it supports, and the various applications. The presentation will conclude with general guidelines of the maintenance and ordering process.
Fabric expansion joint Fabric Expansion Joints (October 2016) This presentation will briefly touch on the basics of fabric expansion joints; however, is mainly focused on the various designs, material details, and applications. Learn how fabric expansion joints are engineered and fabricated for various applications and the many factors that influence those designs. View the abundance of materials used, including Fluoroplastic and Fluoroelastomer, and their respective capabilities. Take a journey through a Fossil Fired Power Plant and see exactly where fabric expansion joints are required.
Indepth U.S Bellows Expansion Joints In-Depth (August 2016) Get to know U.S.Bellows from introducing our team and manufacturing capabilities to exploring design details in technical drawings for large-scale projects. View case studies that lead to the creation of new standards and designs. Learn about cost-saving measures for expansion joint failures and how to prevent future problems.
Us bellows 101 U.S. Bellows 101: The Basics of Expansion Joints (April 2016) Listen to in-depth explanations on how to choose the type of expansion joint that will best suit your system. Learn about the bellows movements throughout the piping system due to thermal changes of mechanical motion. Increase your understanding of the different types of expansion joints and value-added services offered by U.S. Bellows.
Expansion joints webinar Expansion Joints Presentation (April 2010) Learn about the bellows basics and each of its unique movements due to thermal expansion or contraction throughout the piping system. Discover the different types of expansion joints and the applications for which they are most useful.