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Badger Industries to U.S. Bellows Equivalency Chart

Accessories & Series

Badger U.S. Bellows
Single Leave Blank S
Anchor Support Base A A
Double Expansion Joint D D
Gimbal Expansion Joint G GIM_S, GIM_D
Hinged Expansion Joint H HIN_S, HIN_D
Limit Rods L R
Slotted Hinges or Guide Bars SH T
Tie Rods T T
Universal Expansion Joint U U

Type of End Connections

Badger U.S. Bellows
Van Stoned Flanges V F
Welding Ends W W
Fixed Flanges SF F

Type Numbers

Pathway U.S. Bellows
Standard 1
Reinforcing Rings 2 RR
Internal Sleeve 3 L
Internal Sleeve & Reinforcing Rings 4 LRR
Covers 5 C
Covers, & Reinforcing Rings 6 CRR
Covers, Internal Sleeves 7 CL
Covers, Internal Sleeves, Reinforcing Rings 8 CLRR

Weld Type Ends

Odd numbers refer to series SR joints.

Even numbers refer to series SSR joints

The last digit of the type number indications the accessories furnished. IE: V4 indications having Van Stoned flanges, reinforcing rings and an internal sleeve

NOTE: This cross reference is for application use only. Items may not be identical in shape or dimension. Check with U.S. Bellows if in doubt. For questions call Toll-free 1-800-787-5914