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American BOA to U.S. Bellows Equivalency Chart

Expansion Joint Types / Unit

American BOA U.S. Bellows
Single S
Hinged A HIN_S, HIN_U
Gimbal G GIM_S, GIM_U
Pressure Balanced Elbow PB PB_S, PB_U
Inline Pressure Balanced PBI PBI_S, PBI_U
Universal U U
External Pressure X X

Type End Fittings

American BOA U.S. Bellows
Fixed Forged Flangesd FS F01, F04
Fixed Plate Flanges FSP F01, F04
Floating Forged Flanges One End FL F01, F04
Floating Plate Flange One End FLP F01, F04
Floating Forged Flanges Both Ends FLL V01, V04
Floating Plate Flanges Both Ends FLLP V01, V04
Weld Ends W W
Customer Special CS F01, F04

Bellows Series

American BOA’s series number is based upon the pressures, temperatures, movements and cycle life for the expansion joint application. Please call us toll free, 1-800-787-5914, if you have any questions.

Optional Features

American BOA U.S. Bellows
Liner or Inner Sleeve L L
Shroud or Outer Cover S C# (C Followed by Material Number)
Tie Rods T T# (T Followed by Material Number)
Limit Rods R T# (T Followed by Material Number)
Control Rods V T# (T Followed by Material Number)
Drain Port D XD (X-Flex Joints Only)
Purge Port P XD (X-Flex Joints Only)
Anchor Base A XD (X-Flex Joints Only)

Bellows Material Class

American BOA U.S. Bellows
304 SS M1 4
304L SS M2 4
316 SS M3 16
316L SS M4 16
321 SS M5 21
Monel 400 M6 40
Inconel 600 M7 60
Incoloy 825 M8 82
Nickel 200 M9 200
310 SS M11 10
Inconel 625 M15 62

NOTE: This cross reference is for application use only. Items may not be identical in shape or dimension. Check with U.S. Bellows if in doubt. For questions call Toll-free 1-800-787-5914