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U.S. Bellows Fabricates Expansion Joints for Power Plant in China

U.S. Bellows, Inc., a subsidiary of PT&P, has recently supplied four 72-inch expansion joints required for the piping system of a power plant being built in Zhuhai, China. These large expansion joints will carry the exhaust from the plant’s boiler feed pump turbines.

72" Dia. Universal Expansion Joint

72″ Dia. Universal Expansion Joint

This critical piping application often requires pressure-balanced expansion joints, but in this case a unique combination of a universal joint in one plane (left side of photo) and a hinged joint (right side of photo) was used.

High-Temp Fabric Expansion Joints

High-Temp Fabric Expansion Joints
Shown above is a large, round fabric expansion joint designed and fabricated by U.S. Bellows. The fabric “belt” is attached between two short sections of pipe. These expansion joints are inserted in metal pipes that carry hot gases at low pressures. Layers of different materials are selected to make a belt that will function at the high temperatures required. U.S. Bellows designs and fabricates these items to meet customer requirements.